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Talk Development,  also known as Talk Internet Community Development.

We want to talk to you about your Internet needs. Our goal is to help you establish your search engine presence with an online community or any type of website. We specialize in Internet Marketing, Web Development, Online Promotions and Search Engine Optimization with internet communities, blogs and content management systems.  We specialize in VBulletin, WordPress, Joomla, Phpbb but we can work with any script or design a custom site for you.

We offer monthly maintenance packages, payment plans or we can help you on a job by job basis. We can build, repair, improve your website, maintain it and even promote it.

Most services require no money upfront or just a small deposit and our work is fully guaranteed.

Feel free to contact us for any inquiry at all by filling out this form.


To Your Internet Community Success,

Richard Glaser, Jr.       Rich “Rich Webdevoman”

      Professional Web developer and SEO

      SEO and Internet Marketing Consultant

      Specializing in VBulletin Forum Development, Advertising Placement, SEO.

       CT  USA


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