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The latest Google search engine Panda update is a killer for many sites. This one appears to be rolling out slowly and impacting many, many sites.


Have you been impacted by this yet? If your search rank has been impacted in a negative way that is not much you can do about it until the next refresh. I would recommend taking some of the following steps now so you will be ready when Google does the next refresh.

# – Incoming Links

Make sure you use Google Webmaster Tools to see if your incoming links are from good sites.

# – Content

Try to have good quality and original content. remove junk pages on your site that get no traffic.

# – Errors – Fix errors on your site. Go through everything to be sure you do not have broken links, images, etc.

# – Is your site mobile friendly? This is a major ranking factor so fix fix this if you have not already!

# – Page Load – get your page load time down as low as possible. This is also a ranking factor.

There is much, much more to do! For professional help contact us and we will get you ready for the next update!