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2015 and 2016 SEO Ranking Factors

The Most Vital 2015 SEO Ranking Factors The main seo ranking factor you should address first in 2015 is linking. I am talking about domain level linking and page level linking! Quality links from trusted pages are still what is probably the most important linking factor in 2015. The text ranking factor and probably the […]

Is your root htaccess effecting your add on domain in Godaddy?

The problem is you have a brand new server at godaddy and you set your main site up as the primary domain. It is running fine and everything is great..then you try to move your Vbulletin site over to an add on domain and bam.. It doesn’t work! The problem is that your root htacess […]

January Vbulletin Security Patches

Posted at Vbulletin: There are patches for all 3 Vbulletin Versions! Have us take care of this for you! Don’t wait! A security issue has been reported to us that affects vBulletin 4. We have released security patches for vBulletin 4.2.2 to account for this vulnerability. The issue may allow attackers to perform CSRF exploits […]